V. Ryan 2002 - 06


Computers control many aspects of our lives. They control the way products are manufactured in  factories around the world to the way we obtain money to buy the same products in shops. In school it is likely that you will use computers to present your work, to search the internet and to control devices such as robots and devices you will build in Technology.


1. The Basic Parts of a Computer - The Hardware


2. The Motherboard and Memory - The Basics


3. The Motherboard - A Detailed Description


4. Input Devices


5. Output Devices


6. Basic Concepts of the Microprocessor


7. BITs and BYTEs


8. Flow Charts


9. Integrated Circuits - 1


10. Integrated Circuits - 2


11. Integrated Circuits - 3




12. A Typical Interface


13. A Computer Program


14. Sensors, Digital Inputs and Outputs


15. More Programming


16. Programming Using Logicator Software




17. The Social Implications of Microprocessors and Computer Control