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Often a street map can be very difficult to read and follow. If you open an A to Z map book of your local town/city you may find it confusing and complicated. Imagine explaining to someone (who is not familiar with your location) how they are to follow the map to find your home or a local landmark. To make this easier there is a need to draw a topological map. A topological map is an ordinary street map that has been simplified so that only vital information remains and most of the unnecessary detail has been removed.


Below is a map of Central Manchester. When you study the map you may see a cross which marks the location a particular shop (this could be your shop). You are to draw a topological map which clearly shows where the shop is and which roads lead to it. This will enable potential customers to find the shop with ease.


map 1



The first stage is to mark over the main roads or important roads, rivers, railways etc.... Different coloured pens can be use as shown below. This will allow you to build a basic topological map and you can add more detail if required.



The next step is to draw the straight lines on a separate sheet and add street names, building names or landmarks. You now have a TOPOLOGICAL map.



Add more street names if you feel it is necessary. Also, you may wish to add local land marks such as famous buildings.
You may wish to add the railway line to your topological map. A key may also be required.


QUESTION: Look through an A to Z map book and select a page which shows the centre of a town or city. Draw a topological map which represents the same area.