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A sequence drawing is a way of explaining how a product is maufactured, through sketches and notes. Each stage is represented, enabling anyone to manufacture the product. Sequence drawings are also used by designers, to plan the industrial processes required at every stage of manufacture. Further to this, a sequence drawing can be updated during the production process, to include improvements and modifications.

Below is a typical sequence drawing that shows every stage of making the amplifier casing.

1. Mark out the various lengths of 12 x 20mmm section pine. See the parts drawing.  
2. Use a ruler to measure and a try square to mark the lengths on to the pine. Leave a small gap between each piece. This is where the saw will be used to cut each piece.  
3. Use either a fretsaw or a tenon saw to cut the individual pieces of pine to length. Leave a little extra. This will be ‘sanded’ or filed away to exact size.  
4. Use a disc sander or a file to reduce the size of each piece of pine to exactly the right size. DO NOT USE THE SANDING DISC FOR THE ‘SMALL’ PIECES !  
5. Using 4 or 6mm thick MDF, cut a square 60mm X 60mm in size.  
6. Draw diagonal lines using a ruler, joining the corners, to find the centre of the MDF sqaure  
7. Use a machine vice to hold the MDF securely and drill a 35mm dia hole through the centre.  
8. Using PVA, glue the parts together and leave to dry.
9. Using a piece of acrylic, masking tape the areas shown. The acrylic should be the same size as the MDF base.   10. Add the two crosses that mark the centres of holes. These will be for two screws that will fix the acrylic to the pine frame of the amplifier case. Drill with a 4mm dia drill bit.

Also, draw the shape of the ‘letter’ and drill holes following the lines

11. Use a hand vice whilst drilling the holes. You can remove the masking tape when you have finished drilling.   12. Assemble the amplifier casing and check it works.
13. Make a stand of some form (see two examples below). Remember, there should be a way of holding the lead.