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The links page below will allow you to connect to other useful technology websites. These sites have been recommended by the World Association of Technology Teachers (WATT). If you wish to recommend a site please email your suggestion to :






NASA Robotics Education Project

The Robotics Clearing House can be regarded as the educational arm of NASA. They select on-line educational materials and carefully review them. Work that is approved by the independent reviewers committee can be viewed by the public on the NASA RCC website which promotes robotics and other technologies. Links to can be viewed on this site.
The World Association of Technology Teachers A detailed site for Technology teachers. Sample schemes of work, lesson plans, OFSTED advice, departmental documentation, international partnership, free membership, members articles, free advice from Advisor Members, links to suppliers and much more.
The Times 100 An excellent site for technology, economics or business studies pupils and teachers. Packed full of exceptional resources.
Excellent Technology Site - a collaboration of creative minds putting their passions to work. A search engine for electronic component datasheets.
Science, Technology and Engineering Site This site has been developed by teachers in Melbourne, Australia as a resource for Systems and Materials students.

Design and Technology

on the Web

A host of ideas and information tips for pupils at Key Stage 3 and 4
Design Technology Resource Page An excellent collection of resources for Design and Technology teachers and pupils

Excellent Sites promoting sustainable technology


A site dedicated to making paper / card models. Appears to be an interesting resource. A site listing suppliers of components for making robots and similar mechanisms. Lists of practical robot building books, magazines and CD ROMs. Resources for teachers, pupils, students and designers. Has a range of information covering resistant materials to graphic products Very detailed electronics website. Historical Posters - covering areas such as film and adverts. Excellent resource for those studying poster design.

Electronic Resources for Technology Teachers - helping teachers and lecturers in aspects of practical electronics. Resources for KS2 to 'A' Level.

Tenlinks An extremely helpful site for professional technologists. Including engineers, architects, software engineers etc..

Design and Technology


Has information and animations regarding a range of technology including electronics, packaging, food and pneumatics.
GCSE BITESIZE Contains a range of information on electronics, food, graphics, resistant materials, systems and control and textile technology.
Deyes High School Technology Department. An interesting and detailed website relating to many aspects of technology including detailed Upper and Lower School work. A technology site for pupils with over 600 internal and external links to other useful sites.
How Stuff An interesting and informative site covering a range of devices and how they work.
ohmfree Electronics website Component bases electronics site. Anyone can submit articles. Learn a variety of graphics skills through animated worksheets.
Technology at GCSE A technology site covering many useful and interesting aspects of design and technology.
Design and Technology Virtual School A number of people and organisations contribute to this efficient technology site.
The Standards Site Technology schemes of work from the Department for Education.
The Amethyst Consultancy Ltd Provide detailed schemes for KS3 and KS4 Design and Technology
Bad Human Factors Designs A site that gives examples relating to poor designs. Takes pupils through concise requirements for a Resistant Materials GCSE project. Takes pupils through concise requirements for a Graphic Products GCSE project. Takes pupils through concise requirements for a Electronics Products GCSE  project.
https://www.teaching Primary School Design and Technology Site. The main site offers other subjects with a variety of work. Site that promotes GCSE Engineering.
Ergonomics for Schools Information relevant to ergonomics in the school environment.