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Below are two typical parents. They are busy at work all day and at night try to spend quality time with their son.
They try to help him learn basic skills through play. Sometimes they encourage him to play games by himself so that have some time to themselves. However, they have not found a toy that keeps their son occupied for along time.


They are determined to get hold of an educational toy that will engage the hyperactive mind of their son. They have employed a designer to help solve this difficult problem. The designer starts by asking the parents a range of questions. The answers (seen in blue) will help the designer develop a toy that will occupy their sonís imaginative and inquisitive mind.



1. Is your son inquisitive, always asking questions and always active ?
Yes, he never stops. He is always active and never gives us a minutes rest.
2. What type of toy do you think will keep him interested ?
He is interested in building or construction toys. He builds shapes and then smashes them to pieces.
3. Where does your son play games ?
He plays with his toys and games in the living room and usually uses the coffee table to put them on.
4. Does he like playing games that involve letters and numbers?
Yes, he loves toys that introduce new words or involve him counting money.
5. Does your son enjoy playing games with you and your wife ?
Sometimes, he likes to involve both of us in the games. He can be very bossy.
6. Do you need to store your sons games easily ?
Yes, the games are always put in storage boxes and put away in his bedroom.
7. Is you son interested by games with colours, shapes, letters, numbers and sounds.
Yes, he is attracted by the different colours and sounds. He likes turning handles and putting games together when they are in pieces.
(List more questions that you consider need adding to the ones above.)
E.G. How much would you pay for an educational toy ?