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Crocodile Technology® can be used to construct a PICAXE-08 based circuit. It can then be programmed using the flowcharting option within the software. The resulting circuit and programme can be tested on screen by creating a link between the circuit and the flowchart. This means that both the circuit and programme can be perfected before the circuit is exported to Real PCB software and manufactured as a Printed Circuit Board.

Crocodile Technology provides a piece of software capable of designing the PICAXE circuit and then programming it, within the same software environment.


The PICAXE-08 circuit above has pin 1 programmed as an input (input 1). The flowchart below has been constructed to detect when the switch on input 1 is pressed.
When input 1 is activated the programme outputs current at Output 4 turning on the LED for 5 seconds. Then output 0 outputs current turning on a second LED, again for 5 seconds.


1. A START box is selected from the menu and placed in the working area.

2. A decision box, called a ‘Test Input’ is connected to the start box. The text in the centre of the box is changed so that Input 1 is continually tested for activation. If input 1 is activated the programme moves down to the next line of the programme (the next process box). If Input 1 is not activated, the decision box continues to check for any change.

3. This process box (called Set Output) switches on Output 4, which in the case of the circuit above turns on an LED.

4. The Delay Box is set to 5 seconds and causes the programme to stay at this point for that time.

5. Output 4 is then switched off. This has the effect of turning off the LED.

6. Output 0 is then switched on, turning on the LED controlled by it.

7. Output 0 is kept on for 5 seconds and consequently the LED stays on.

8. Output 0 is turned off and, as a result, the LED.

9. A Stop box is always placed at the end of a flowchart. The programme comes to an end.