V. Ryan 2009-2018


What I have done in school:

In this space write about the following:
1. Are you in any school teams or house teams. How did you contribute to the teams?
2. Have you been involved in any school activities? For example, in some subjects you may have role played or being selected to read to the rest of the class. You may have played a role in a school play or musical. You may have written a short play and performed this in front of other pupils.
3. You may be a member of a school club. For example, you possibly attend an ICT club every week or are a member of the school band/orchestra.
4. Have you helped raise money for charity in school. Remember, money collected during non-unifrom days are for charities. Examples are ‘Children in Need’ and ‘Comic Relief’
What I have done outside the school in the community:

In this space write about the following:
1. You may be a member of a youth group. For example, an athletics club/team or a football team. Are you a member of a local church group or a choir. Do you play a musical instrument in a local band/group?
2. You may have helped organise an event in the community. This could be a jumble sale. You may have helped someone set up a stall at a jumble sale or even a car boot sale. At Christmas you could have been in a choir that entertained local people and collected money for charity.
3. Do you help an older relative by doing their shopping or running errands? Do you speak to Old Age Pensioners who feel isolated and do not have many visitors? Have you helped a neighbour by gardening?
4. Have been awarded any certificates outside school? For example, you may have taken part in an event such as a charity walk or sponsored run/swim.
What I have done in lessons:

In this space write about the following:
1. In tutorial you may have completed work on being a good citizen. This could include deigning a Good Citizen Poster. It could also include designing a good citizen board game. You may have completed work on being a good friend (Friendship).
2. In History and RE you may have learnt about other cultures and people in other countries. In Technology you have probably discussed other peoples designs and evaluated them. You have learnt about Health and Safety. In Science you may have learnt about the prevention of diseases and environmental issues.
3. In several subjects you will have worked in groups and taken part in discussions. You will have learnt about the importance of listening to the views of other people.