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Vandalism can make the local environment an unpleasant place to live and work.
Damage to property is often linked to crime.
When people walk or drive through an area that has been vandalised they often think that the area must have a high crime rate.
People living in a vandalised area are often worried about going out. This applies to vulnerable people such as old people. They think that a crime could be committed against them either on the streets or in the home.
Once vandalism starts in an area it is difficult to stop and it can increase rapidly.
The local council is less likely to spend money on a vandalised estate because they think our money (taxes) may be wasted. For example, they may feel that although the local area needs a sports hall, if they build one it will be vandalised very soon. Consequently, they may build facilities such as sports halls in a non vandalised area.
Some of the money from our taxes are spent on repairing vandalised property

1. Write one more cost of vandalism

2. Young Jeff walks his ageing Grandmother to the shops. She is scared to go out because she sees vandalism everywhere. Young Jeff is one of the vandals damaging local property but his Grandmother does not know this. How do you think she will feel if she finds out? (ashamed, upset, worried for his future, angry etc...)


3. One night Jeff’s Grandmother was feeling unwell. She is too poor to have her own phone and had to go to the public phone box. This is two streets away. It was late at night and raining heavily. She wanted to called Jeff’s Dad for help. It took her twenty minutes to get dressed and walk to the phone. After great effort she reached the phone to find it had been vandalised and could not be used. What could be the consequences of her not being able to call for help?


Jeff’s Grandmother is 80 years old. She finds it difficult to walk distances and she is often left by herself. Her Grandson Jeff is a vandal. Draw a rich picture showing how Jeff’s anti-social behaviour affects his Grandmother and others. Add appropriate pictures / drawings.


Write a short story that explains how vandalism affects your life. The story can be fact or fiction.



Once my estate was a very nice and pleasant place to live. However, a local gang of young people began to vandalise property. No one tried to stop the gang because they were frightened of their own property being damaged as well. At one point the estate had a very bad reputation and good people started to move out. The local factory also moved because their premises were regularly damaged and it cost them a lot of money to make repairs. When the factory moved many people lost their jobs, including my Dad.
Then the local community got together. When the vandals appeared at night they were surrounded by local people (who had suffered enough). The police were called and the gang were moved on. Because the local community stood together the estate is slowly returning to the happy and safe place it once was.