These work sheets have been designed to be used when the class teacher is absent. Heads of Departments often have this task, which can be both annoying and time-consuming. The tasks below, have been designed to be used in total or in part, all the questions can be answered or a number selected for the pupils to attempt. They are based on imaginative themes, allowing for the use of computers or for hand drawn design work.
1. Innovative Chair Design
2. Personalised Car Design
3. Torch Design
4. Mobile Phone Design
5. Robot Design
6. Environmentally Friendly House
7. Converting a Classroom into an ICT Suit
8. Alternative Winter Sledge
9. Hand Held Computer Design
10. Secret Service - Walking Stick Design
11. Litter Picking - A Mechanical Device 
12. Rocket to Mars
The Ultimate Electronic Gadget
Designer Watch
Solar Powered Cooker Design
Multi-Functional Spectacle Design
Apps Symbol / Icon Design
Specialist Glove Design