Below is a list of Advisor Members of WATT. The main aim of the association has been to set up a list of advisor members throughout the world through which  information/advice on a range of technologies can be sought. This association allows advisor members to list their email address and details of their technology specialities / interests or technology websites. Anyone can browse the list of advisor members, with the aim of seeking advice regarding a technology specialism.


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World Association of Technology Teachers


Researcher for WATT

Expert  on all aspects of DT

Health and Safety Consultant



Scott N Bright, BSc (Hons)

Teacher of Design & Technology (Product Design & Engineering)



Technology Area: Secondary Education (11 - 18)

Whole School / Department Policy, Education Theory / Research / Pedagogy, Product Design, Resistant Materials, Engineering - GCSE & BTEC, Systems & Control / Electronics / Programming, CAD/CAM, Graphic Design, Food Technology, Textiles Technology, Smart Materials, Sustainability, Biomimicry

United Kingdom - Yorkshire & Humberside

Tim Brotherhood

STEM consultant specialising in
Digital Design and Manufacture

The Old School, Salt, Stafford. ST18 0BW – UK
Land line (UK) +44 (0)1889 508 539 skypec2c://r/204 +44 (0)1889 508 539
Land line (France) +33 (0)247 94 22 26 skypec2c://r/204 +33 (0)247 94 22 26
Mobile: +44 (0)7476 428 391 skypec2c://r/204 +44 (0)7476 428 391


Skype ID: timbdesign



Tim Brotherhood is a freelance consultant for Design and Technology with over 35 years experience teaching, lecturing and advising schools and is available to work with school managers, subject leaders and teachers to help them review current practice, plan developments and update learning and teaching.

David Hodge, UK, Cornwall
20 years experience teaching Design Technology. I now run Focus Educational Software Ltd, a leading UK publisher of Primary and Secondary eLearning resources for Design Technology and Science.
Mr I Thompson

Technology Innovation Centre Manager
TECHNOLOGY AREA OF INTEREST  : The design process, 2D and 3D CAD, rapid prototyping, basic 3D scanning, basic CNC work. have been involved with mainly 16 -19 year olds for the past 3 years on technology projects. Currently working at Coleg LLandrillo, North Wales as the Technology Innovation Centre Manager. UK, Gwynedd
Dr. Keith Good

Senior Lecturer in Design and Technology Education (initial and in-service teacher education), University of Greenwich, London UK. 
Running sessions for teachers and student teachers (UK and abroad) is a particular interest- but anything considered. Sessions can be adapted to the needs of the audience but typically: Overview- what D&T is really all about, creativity, mechanisms and electrics – based on original techniques that actually work! Keynote lectures, presentations and practical workshops. 
•work with teachers and children across the UK and in 12 other countries 
•interested in developing creativity and ability to generate ideas 
•five full time school posts including one as head of a D&T department. 
•published eight Design and Technology books for 7-11 year olds and teachers e.g. Design Challenge series: Amazing Machines, Exciting Electrics, Super Structures and Moulding Materials 
Please contact for testimonials and to explore possibilities. 
Ron Todd

  • D&T materials development and teacher in-service training. Focus on materials and programme development for elementary grades.
  • Publishes TIES Magazine (The Magazine for Design and Technology Education) in USA.
  • Initiated Pro/DESKTOP training in USA.
  • Project Director and Principle Investigator for projects including three funded by the National Science Foundation.
  • Director of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) project funded by the New Jersey Commission On Higher Education.
  • Leader of team developing activities for urban-based, after school programs that use D&T to help young people improve their understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
Kenneth Zushma

I sit on the Executive Board for the Technology Educators Association of New Jersey. I am also the editor of the state-wide publication "Interface".

I teach Design Engineering and Problem Solving at both the middle school and high school levels.

Areas of instruction include, but are not limited to: Structures, Robotics, Aeronautics, Transportation, Materials Processes, Invention/Innovation.

Mr. Jonathan Rutschky

Leading Instructional Designer, Technical Progams

GE Healthcare Institute
The design and service of medical diagnostic imaging equipment. Includes MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), CT (Computer Tomography) X-ray Radiographic and Fluoroscopic Mammography, PET (Positional Emission Tomography), Nuclear Medicine. USA
Mr. J. Seeley, USA, Troy, Pa.

High School CAD/Technology Instructor
The Design Process, hands on lab experiences for our students in areas of: Electronics, Woodworking projects (the start to finish process, Laser Engraving, Metal Lathe work, Engineering a Marble run.

Alexandra Reynolds

Currently at the Tashkent International School.


12 yrs  DT GCSE(UK); 7 yrs IBMYP( International)


Interested in developing thinking; problem solving; pedagogy; design processes; inclusive, human centered design; product design; graphic communication; innovation; creativity; materials and processes; sustainability; world issues; responsible design; CAD/CAM; electronics; systems. digital design, interdisciplinary; service learning; curriculum development.


Mr. Satnam Singh Chhabra




TECHNOLOGY AREA OF INTEREST   :   Currently Working as MYP Project Coordinator, Leading IT, HOD Design Technology and also teaching MYP Maths in Mount Litera School International, Mumbai, India.

My area of interest : IBMYP Design Cycle, IBDP Design Technology, Developing thinking skills, problem-solving, IDU, Product and Digital Design, 2D & 3D designing, Animation, Software Development and Future Technology.

India, Mumbai

Mr. Shoulin Sun



A design and technology teacher working for  25 years  at Dalian University of Science and Technology, which is a key university in China. 


Area of Interest: Mechanical Enginnering Theories and Applications.  Computer Aided Design,  Product Design,   Gear Systems, Cams,  Mechanisms,  Linkage,   Finite Element Analysis, Softwear Development,  Hydraulic and Application.

China, Dalian Liaoning

Mr. Jason Reagin, Head of Design - SSIS, Suzhou, CHINA


IB Design cycle, 3D Printing, Laser Engraving, Resistant Materials, Graphics, IB DP Design Technology, International Design and Technology teaching.


Oscar He

Associate Professor 

Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

Head of Manufacture Department of FOAMTECH




With 16 years teaching experience in industrial engineering and manufacture, 

I have been a associate professor at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

Currently I has also been working with FOAMTECH company and taking charge of the manufacture department.

Area of interest:

Industrial Engineering, Automation, Design and Manufacture, Plastic & Rubber Material

Dr. Marshall Hughes

Assistant Principal, Sha Tin College, Hong Kong (Former Head of Technology).

Main Area of Interest: Product Design, Design History, Management of Design and Technology , IB Design and Technology.

Hong Kong
Jutka Czirok

Design and Technology teacher currently teaching at Sha Tin College, Hong Kong. Teaching KS3 GCSE Graphics, Electronics and ICT, IB Design Technology - Human Factors. I am an experienced Technical Illustrator having worked 17 years in the German Automotive Industry and have previously taught National Diploma (BTEC) Technical Illustration, Multimedia and Spatial Design.

Currently developing materials and resources for GCSE Electronics and IB Design Technology.

Hong Kong

Mr. Muhammad Kasffi Ramli



The woodworking technology/process, cams, vocational work, technology and cultures, CNC machining, basic/conventional machining, and boat building.

Click here for my site.

COUNTRY: Malaysia


Dr. S.Thiru chitrambalam PhD,

Faculty, School of Mechanical Engineering,
Bandar University Technology Legenda, Mantin, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, 71700.


Area of Interest: Computer Aided Design, Finite Element Analysis, Product Design, Non-conventional Welding processes, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Malaysia
Art O'Brien

Interests in flight, bridges, manufacturing and wood processing, drafting and CAD USA

Mr LaVerne "Bob" Cardwell




Waycross (Ware County)


Electronics instructor at Okefenokee Technical College and teaching all aspects of fundamental Electronics and also the speciality areas of computers, telecommunications, industrial systems and biomedical instrumentation.


Thomas Pitre

Retired educator with degrees in Art. Primary interest in creativity and problem solving. I have written several courses related to information management and creativity.  I maintain several activities websites and publish a newsletter each month dealing with computer technology. I have a personal website which leads to work examples concentrating on vocational and business education.  (in a few months)

Dave Janosz

Structures, airplanes, mechanisms, design, invention, electronics, control technology, nanotechnology, CAD, CAM, CNC, engineering, manufacturing, materials, architecture, robotics, elementary grade technology. USA
Mike Stanfield

Technology area of interest: carpentry, CAD, CNC design and production, software - Mastercam, Autocad, Rhino 3.0, Pro/desktop 8.0 USA

Jeffery H. Kullens CPE

Harlem High School

1 Huskie Circle

Machesney Park

1L 61115




Instructor at Harlem High School. Have taught Electricity/Electronics, Small Gas Engines and Industrial Technology. Two time past president of Association of Facility Engineers (Formerly American Institute of Plant Engineers) Rock River Valley Chapter 75. Interests include energy production and energy conservation, facility engineering, aeronautics, computing, football (American) coach and Industrial Education curriculum and presentation materials. USA
Roy Rosnik
Maryland USA
Engineering Design, Computer Aided Design, Computer Integrated Manufacture, CNC, Robotics, Curriculum Development. USA
Peter Lord
Head of Design Technology Faculty Bangkok Patana School

  • Currently head of DT faculty in an international secondary school in Bangkok. 
  • 20 years teaching CIE IGCSE DT GP and RM.
  • 15 years teaching IB DT SL and HL. 
  • Strong experience of CAD/CAM and use of ICT in project work.
Re. Du van

Vietnam University HCMC

Specialism: Mechanical Design, Mechanical machining, Hydraulic and application, Sewing Equipment, Sewing Attachment. Vietnam

Mr Ian Barrett

The World Academy
A GEMS Global Network School
Emaar, The Economic City 7892
BayLaSun-Juman St.
King Abdullah Economic City 23964-2522
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

I manage the curriculum area of Di Product Design, Digital technology and STEM gital Technology inclusive of a new Design Technology facility to teach CADcam, CNC and 3D Printing (the first workshop of its kind in Saudi Arabia.. The broad spectrum of this newly created curriculum area is to offer technical subjects modern subjects relevant to the rapidly changing world that we live in.

STEM Electives Program 

Saudi Arabia, KAEC. Jeddah

Mohammed Akhtar


Cairo English School

New Cairo


I am currently setting up the Design and Technology department for this school. I am interested in the fields of electronics, control systems and resistant materials. This will be the first school to offer electronics and systems and control in Egypt. The school is English speaking which fully implements the English National curriculum.

Area of interest:

Electronics, computer control, PIC microcontrollers, key words and phrases, assessment in DT, working with plastics, PCB production, technology and cultures, the design process.

Mr. Stelios Kessanidis

Gennadios School,

Alimos, Greece

Field of study: Electronics, amateur radio, recycling, soft and renewable forms of energy, the web. Greece
Mr Panos Panayiotou

Design Process, gear systems, electronics, PCB work, PIC microcontrollers / computer control, structures, vocational work and CNC work. Cyprus
David Ardley

Website -

Independent Educational Consultant (v2education consultancy), Focus on Design Technology, Visual Arts and ICT Education. Can advise on areas of design development, build and implementation regarding faculty development, human resourcing, capital budget preparation, health and safety, sponsorship procurement and curriculum planning IB/A-Level/GCSE/IGCSE)

Clients have included schools in UK, Portugal, France, Australia and Hong Kong

Asad Mahmood

University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila, Pakistan

Renewable energy resources (wind, fuel cell, solar), TQM tools, engineering economics, engineering mechanics, basics of production automation, supply chain management. Pakistan

Zafar Raza

20 years experienced professional, Electronics Circuits and Product Designing.

Analog Electronics, Security and Automatic Control Systems.

Digital and Industrial Electronics Circuits. Power Electronics.

UPS Inverter and Battery Chargers, Solar Chargers Designing.

PIC Micro controller Projects. Practical and Project Advisory Service for

Engineering Students.

Karachi, Pakistan.

NAME; Mr Aidan Ryan, Ireland, Dublin


Dept. Of Construction Skills

Dublin Institute of Technology

Bolton Street

Dublin 1

Ph; 01- 4024018



traditional furniture and joinery construction methods, furniture & joinery design and manufacturing process,

Course Coordinator

Timber Product Technology

Prof. C.S.Purushothaman,

Director - SIES OP PTC

Area of Technology Interest 
With over 38 years experience in the field of Packaging, is DIRECTOR of SIES SCHOOL OF PACKAGING – PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY CENTRE. A qualified Packaging Technologist and Industrial Engineer from Institutes in India and abroad, he had his Industrial  Training on “Mechanization in Packaging” at Robert Bosch GMBH, Germany.  

PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY ( all aspects Principles, Materials, Process, Quality, Management)
India, Mumbai
Mr. Rishikesh Vishwakarma


Automotive Technology, CNG fuel systems, low cost automation, quality management, lean manufacture, non-conventional energy sources, assembly process India
Prof. Dipak U. Tatpuje

Recipient of U.P. Govt National Award


Recipient of the U.P. Govt National Award and Author of "Web and Multimedia CD integrated print Learning Materials i.e. Electrical Motor Winding, Consumer Electronics, Electrical Domestic Appliances and ICT. Experience: 24 years in the field of Technology Teaching. Area of Specialisation: Information and Communication Technology, Instructional Design, Science and Technology Communication and Career Counciling. India
Dr.Vinod Kumar

Mechanical Engineering Department
University College of Engineering
Punjabi University
My Area of Specialization is Manufacturing Technology. India









          GAS DYNAMICS


Ravindra Pathak
Chief Academic Coordinator
Assistant Professor & Head of Department
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Vikrant Institute of Technology & Managment, Indore

Name,country,state: M.PRADEEP,


I am doing research in computer networks, wireless network and data mining. My area of interest includes optimization in Resource management, compiler design , software testing and network management. Teaching fundamentals of programming to students covering pointers, stack, data structures and giving training to C language and DOS. Computer Hardware part includes SMPS ,Hard disk Partition ,Mother board function and trouble shooting also conducted for students.


Dr. Jatinderkumar R. Saini, India,

PhD, MCA [Gold Medal], BSc (Computer Science) [Silver Medal],
IBM Certified Database Associate - DB2,
IBM Certified Associate Developer - RAD,
BULATS Certified [C1], CPT Certified [C1],
Lean And Six Sigma International Board White Belt Certified

TECHNOLOGY AREA OF INTEREST: Web Mining, Text Analytics, Machine Learning, Slang, Spam, email, Opinion Mining

Director (I.T.), GTU's Ankleshwar-Bharuch Innovation Sankul & 
GTU Zonal Exam Coordinator (MCA) &
Director I/C & Associate Professor,
Narmada College of Computer Application,
Zadeshwar, Bharuch, Gujarat, India – 392 011.
[Mobile: +91-9687689708]
Email ID:

Formerly: Guj. Tech. Univ. (GTU) Coordinator & Associate Professor &
Head, MCA, S. P. College of Engineering,
Visnagar, Mehsana, Gujarat, India - 384 315


Mr. Rahul Pratap Singh Kaurav,

78-C, New Nehru colony, Thatipur,

PIN - 474011

Mobile: +91-9826569573


Skype: RPSKaurav

TECHNOLOGY AREA OF INTEREST  Information Systems. My website is India, Gwalior
Dr. Lakade Sanjay S.

Sr Lecturer In Mechanical Engineering

Government Polytechnic, Nanded,

Maharashtra State.


Working as a lecturer for 16 years and having industrial experience of 4 years. Areas of interest include: Manufacturing Systems, Quality Circles, Metrology and Quality Control, TPM, JIT, 5S, CNC machines, Design of Low Cost Greenhouse Structures, Manufacturing of Greenhouse Structures. India
Mr R.Jeevan Ram

Master of Engineering (Mechanical & Manufacturing)
The design and analysis, workshop technology, CNC technology, electronic gadgets, economy and cultures. INDIA, Chennai (TamilNadu)

Name: Mr. Ravi Kumar Dwivedi PhD,

Associate Professor,

Department of Mechanical Engineering,

Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology,

Bhopal, India,

Email Address :

Technological Area of Interest:

Manufacturing systems, CNC Technology, Product Development and Rapid Prototyping, Reverse Engineering, Maintenance Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Project Management.

Bhopal, India,
Dr. S. Balasubramanian

Qualification: B.E - Mechanical Engineering

M.Tech - Industrial Engineering

Ph.D - Manufacturing Information system

MBA - Information Technology

CAD/CAM, IPR, ERP, E-manufacturing, Manufacturing Technology, Simulation, Work study, World Class manufacturing and Lean manufacturing and software quality

 Mr Vijayakumar.V,




Machine designing & manufacturing, CNC programming & machining, Autocad, Conventional shaping milling slotting lathe etc.., Innovation by working as a team, Promoting the technology globally for building people, helping students through placements and career guidance and many more. India, Cochin
Anil Singh Rathore

Lecturer - Electronics and Communication Engineering

Saroj Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow, India (Utter Pradesh)

Microprocessors, digital electronics, MATLAB, electronics, microcontrollers, the design process, vocational work, technology and cultures. India
Rahul KP

Assistant Training Officer

Nettur Technical Training Foundation

Tellicherry Training Centre





Prof. Ujjval V Buch

Sr Lecturer ECE, Govt. Polytechnic,

Ahmedabad-380015 India

Master's degrees in both Management (Operations Management) and Engineering (Electronics and Communications Engineering). Pursuing Doctoral Research in Adaptive (Smart) Antennas in Wireless Communications. I like Mobile Communication, DSP, VLSI, Computer Networking, Fibre Optics, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Antennas and Wave Propagation, Digital Electronics, Electronics Design. I have also worked in TEQIP (Technical Education Quality Improvement Program). India
S. Hariprasad

Training Officer

PSG Industrial Institute

Peelam edu POST,

Coimbatore DIST,

Tamil Nadu,


Amit M Joshi

Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science, Institute of Technology, Bombay, India.

Mechanical Engineer working in a research Institute.

Fields of interest include: casting, foundry, advance materials, high strength steel, ceramics and manufacturing processes.


Amarnath  Mullick

Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Applied Mechanics, Fluid Measurements, Design of Air Intake Diffusers. India
Deivarajan Suresh

Energy, particularly non-conventional energy (solar, biomass) utilisation, energy saving: Physics, High temperature materials: Teaching at school as well as University levels. India-Tamil

Nadu; Maduri

Shri Apurva K. Masodar

Senior Lecturer


Vocational Education working as Sr. Lecturer in Vocational Junior College, regular visiting guest lecturer at Government apprenticeship scheme. Visiting guest lecturer at university level. Author of "Materials and Workshop Practice" at +2 level. Examiner for Higher Secondary School Certificate level  and also Industrial Training Institute. Working as regional coordinator  and member of Book writing committee for new syllabus for Central Government. India
Vijayakumar. V

ITI - Trade Machinist
Holder of an ITI - Trade Machinist Kerala, India
Ujjwal Saxena

B.Tech - 2nd Year(EEE)
Technology Area Of Interest - Calligraphy,Drawing,Logo Designing,
Integrated Circuits, Microcontrollers, Electrical Machines
Technology Area of interest :
Dynamics of machinery, kinematics of machinery, Design of machine elements, Design of Transmission system, Fluid Mechanics, Fluid machinery, Robotics, Finite element Analysis
Amit Kumar Tripathi

RF Engineer

I have been working as an RF engineer for Essel Shyam Communication Ltd., Noida(India). My profile is in the field of TV channels broadcasting through geostationary satellites.

Apart from that, I have also been working as project guide in an engineering college where I guide students about technology and its application in the industries.

I am interested mainly in the field of automation in the field of communication. Since during the failure of an equipment, back up equipments are pressed into services. If it could be done automatically, how nice and convenient it would be !

Main tools that I am interested in are: Microcontroller, logic circuitry, power supply and automation software and alarm system.


Head of Mechanical Engineering Dept.
Government Polytechnic,
Country: India
Best Teacher award by Government of Maharashtra
ISTE best teacher award,new delhi
ISTE Rajaram Bapu patil National delhi
Areas of Interest:
hybrid machining, quality control, educational technology,
instructional system design, robotics,
Mr. Prashant Dobhal
CAD/ CAM , Product Design, PIC Microcontrollers, Mobility/ Automobile Design, Graphic Design, Website Design, Game Programming, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Design Analysis and Simulation, Home Automation, Painting.
I am currently working on organic modelling using zBrush. Usually do character sketching and modeling.
Mukesh Soni from Wipro Technologies 

Senior Manager  

Wipro Technologies - Mission10X

At Wipro, I work for a not-for-profit group called Mission10X ( This group works for improving the employability potential of engineering graduates in two ways –

1)      By empowering the faculty with innovative pedagogy techniques: We conduct workshop for engineering faculties in behavioral, pedagogical and soft-skill development.

2)      By exposing the faculty/students to the latest technology through advanced unified learning kits. The kit usage in the laboratory helps inculcating practice based learning in the schools.

In brief, I have close to 12 years of experience in Software and hardware development, product usability and program/people management. I have also tried my hands on part-time teaching + technical writing.


Bangalore (India)

Email :
Teaching Project implementation, Guidance & Research on Electronics & Instrumentation ( B.Tech/M.Tech)

Specialization in Development ,Quality Control,Standardisation & Calibration,Maintenance ,Project Management & Execution in the field of Analytical,Test & Measurement,Pollution Control & Monitoring,Process Control,Medical Instrumentation,Power Electronics & Control & Industrial Automation.

Industry Experience : 16 Years

Teaching Experience : 10 Years


Prof. Kunwar Singh Vaisla,
Associate Professor
Department of Comp. Sc. & Engg.
BCT Kumaon Engineering College,
(An Autonomous College of Govt. of Uttarakhand)
Dwarahat, Distt. - Almora (Uttrakhand), INDIA
Phone: EBBAX - +91-5966-244333/812/884
"My area of technology is Retrieval of Image by Image Contents"
and Also
e-Governance, Specially Government to Citizen related issues and strategies

I am Doctorage

Profile URL -


Qualification : M.Tech (CONTROL SYSTEMS )

Designation: Asst.Professor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dept

Siddharth Institute of Engineering and Technology,JNTU-H,Hyderabad , 

State : Andhra Pradesh , 

Country: INDIA

email ID: 

TECHNOLOGY AREA OF INTEREST :  Hybrid control systems design , Electrical Circuit Design , Controlling methods for  Electrical Machines , Electrical Measurement ,Power System simulation and design of PLC based controlled systems.


School of Computing Science & Engineering

Galgotias University.

Gr. Noida



Software Engineering, Data base, Software Reliability, Microsoft C#, Microsoft ASP.NET tec



Qualification : M.Tech

Designation: Asst.Professor in Electronics Communication Dept


Area of Interest : VLSI,Embedded Systems, Nano Technology, ADSP


Name : Muhammad Kamran

E-Mail :

Technology : Mechanical

Current school : Vocational training center

TECHNOLOGY AREA OF INTEREST : Electronic circuit designing, micro controllers, VLSI, Nano technology , Embedded Systems, Digital Signal Processing, FPGA , SOC,3D-IC

Received B.Tech degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the University of JNTU and M.Tech degree in VLSI from the University of JNTU-Hyderabad. currently Asst.Professor in ECE Department of RVR Institute of Engineering & Technology, Hyderabad, and he is an Editorial board member for IJEATE-Journal (International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering with ISSN 2250–2459) IJOART-Journal (International Journal of Advancements in Research & Technology with ISSN 2278-7763) and IJPRET- INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PURE & APPLIED RESEARCH IN ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY (ISSN: 2319-507X)

Assistant Professor in ECE department in 

Area Of Interests:
Digital electronics, Micro processors, Nano technology, Embedded VLSI systems

ASST. PROFESSOR, RVR Institute Of Engineering .& Technology

Area of Interest: 1) PCB Designing

                           2)  Embedded VLSI

                           3) Microprocessors & Controllers

                           4) Wireless Communications

                           5)  Nano Technology



Prof. Santosh D.Sancheti
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
SNJB's Late Sau. K.B.Jain College of Engineering,
Dist: Nashik.
Maharashtra State (India)
Academic Qualification: Ph.D.(Appear), M.E.(Machine Design), M.B.A. Marketing, B.E.(Mechanical)

Publication : 4 Paper in International Journal

Technology area of Interest:Computer Aided Design, Finite Element Analysis, Product Design, Design of Heat Exchanger, Industrial Engineering

Robin Singh Bhadoria, 

Ph.D Scholar

IIT Indore

Areas of Interest

Cloud computing

Data Mining

Data Base Management System

Data Structure

Design of Algorithm

Wireless Sensor Network


Shinde Goba Devman

Academic Qualification: Ph.D.(Mechanical), M.E.(Machine Design), B.E.(Mechanical)

SNJB's Shri H.H.J.B.Polytechnic


Technology area of Interest: Renewable and clean energy Technology, Heat Transfer Enhancement Techniques, PCM based energy storage system, Computer Aided Design, Product Design, Industrial Engineering, 


Mr Vishal Gupta

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Bipin Tripathi Kumaon Institute of Technology
(An Autonomous College of Govt. of Uttarakhand)
Dwarahat,  Almora - 263 653 
Mobile Computing, Image Processing

Uttarakhand, INDIA

Dr. Mrs. G.D.Shah

Head Of Plastics Engineering Department
Government Polytechnic Ahmedabad
Gujarat, India 380 015.


I am having a Doctorate degree in Chemical Engineering, Masters degree of engineering in Polymer Technology and a bachelors degree of engineering in Plastics Technology. I have a teaching experience of 22 years in Plastics Engineering. Research experience of 11 years in the field of biodegradable polymers. I have conducted Plastics Projects for imparting skills to the persons with multiple disability. I am interested in developing employment generating projects using various plastic processing techniques involving small investment.

Blog addresses useful to the students learning Plastic Technology.
Another blog address is related to my publications related to biodegradable polymers. It will be useful for research on environment friendly use of plastic/polymers.


State: Gujarat

Mr Ashish Seth
(B.Sc , MCA, M.Phil(C.S), M.Tech(I.T), PhD(C.S)(pursuing))

I have been in Academics for last 10 years and had been assocaited with R&D activities to motivate students and to improve teaching /learning process .

I have been working on the area of Service Oriented Architecture, specifically issues of implementing SOA in SME's. Other areas of interest include . Data mining and Business Intelligence .
Asoke Kumar Mazumdar
Asst Professor - Electronics Engg.

Government College of Engg.& Textile Technology, Serampore, West Bengal, India.

Mr.Mohammad Hassain


IB Design and Technology Educator at CCB Cali, Colombia.

The design process, Woodworking, 3D design and printing, electronics, microcontrollers / computer control, structures, vocational work, technology and cultures, Robotics, Game design, Animation, sustainable designs, graphic design, programming, website design.

Presently in Colombia, Santiago De Cali (Originally from India, Bangalore)

Mr.Ashok kumar Pareek




please visit with us at :
Our area of interest is that of CADD technology and we have been developing CADD training programs that will assist cad Engineer to introduce CADD technology in a way that is cost effective and time saving. Through the use of PowerPoint presentations, set materials and basic tools common in the CADD technology classroom. INDIA

NAME : Dr G. Dalin,


Coimbatore District ,

TamilNadu State,




My Area of interest doesn't stick on to only a small area in computer Science But I am interested in all the major areas of computer science.

few areas are

software engineering

Application Development


My research area is in Network Routing where i have given a deep dedication of involved myself in various re searching mod


Mr Deepak Kumar


I am a Computer Engineering graduate. I have done in electrical engineering and currently pursuing research in Electrical Engineering. my research interests are Computer Networks, Wireless networks, Routing protocols etc. i basically simulate computer networks to asses the performance on tools like NS2 and Qualnet etc. India

Dr Rakesh Nayak

I am in teaching field for last 15 years. For 1st 8 years i taught mathematics in Engineering Colleges, then shifted to Computer Science.
i area of Interest is Cryptography, network Security,




TECHNOLOGY AREA OF INTEREST : My technology area of interest is Programming & Web Mining. Specially I worked on C, C++, DATA STRUCTURES. I had also  I have done MCA (Master of Computer Applications), MCM (Maters of Computers & Management), M.Phil Computer Science. Currently I am pursuing PhD in Computer Science. My PhD work is on "Web Mining".

During my research work I had also published some research papers in International Journals. As a teacher I am also teaching some subjects to students of Devi Ahilya University, Indore MP, India. Also I a counselor of IGNOU university. I teach C, C++, Data structures, Software Engineering, MIS, Unix Operating System, Artificial Intelligence, DBMS. I had also guided many UG and PG students for their project work. As a  Head department of Computer Science I also organized many conferences, workshops, lectures of experts of various area. I am also programme officer of National Service Scheme, so various social welfare programmes are also organized under the banner of my college and University.




Mr Surdip A. Chaudhary

Lecturer(E&C Department),
Microcontroller (8051,ARM,PIC), PCB Design, SOLAR (PV ), VLSI ,Electronics GUJARAT, INDIA

Jayant H. Gambhir

My interest areas include cloud computing, VLSI &
Embedded systems, Microcontroller & microprocessors & Digital design.

Mr Renjith V Ravi


AREA OF INTEREST : Embedded Systems, Cryptography, Wavelet Transform, Image Processing 


Mr C.R.Rajkumar



I am an Assistant Professor ,Department of Mechanical Engineering at Kalasalingam University,Tamilnadu,India.

Area of Intrest: Aerodynamics,Jet Propulsion,WindTunnels,Design of Mechanisms.

India, Tamilnadu

Mr G. Lubinsky

The design process, electronics, printed circuit boards, ARDUINO microcontrollers / computer control, key words/phrases, structures, vocational work, technology and cultures, basic CNC work.

My (non-commercial) site is

(... a second site is a trial and not ready yet - interesting is perhaps "Fachrechnen" - the other sites are german multiple choice tests!)

I've translated many of yout sites into the german language for none commercial use: ... i want it only for my pupils in the internal intranet of our schoöl.



The design process, gear system, electronics, cams, printed circuit boards, PIC microcontrollers /computer control, key words/phrases, structures, vocational work, technology and cultures, basic CNC work, Lathe, M& G code programming





The design process, gear systems, electronics, cams, printed circuit boards,  Cad Software ( ArchiCad), Architecture, Metal Work, Wood Work, Technical Drawings ( Isometric or Orthographic), Working with plastics( different moulding techniques), Alternative energy( renewable energy sources), Society and Environment, Green Energy, Eco-friendly houses, Sustainable development and City planning, Smart Cities and IoT( the internet of Things), different Teaching and Learning Strategies, Blended Learning and the Virtual Learning Environment, TVET and Technology Education.

Thushara Udakandage

Control Engineer
I am a Control Engineer who has some reasonable experience in the control system design, programming and SCADA/ HMI design using the most common modern instrumentation. I am highly experienced as a programmer for the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) in the brands of Allen-Bradley, Reliance, Omron and Siemens.

  B.Sc in Applied Sciences ( University of Sri Jayewardenapura- Sri Lanka)
  M.Sc in Industrial Automation (University of Moratuwa- Sri Lanka)

My areas of interest are Robotics, AI and Theoretical implementation and optimization of feedback control systems.
Currently I am working as the Automation Engineer cum Head of IT at the Electrical Department of Merbok MDF Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. a multinational company situated in Sri Lanka. Merbok is one of the largest MDF manufactures in South East Asia which is a fully automated plant that consists of around 10,000 I/Os handled by 20 PLCs which are in a network.

Sri Lanka
Dr. Khalid M. Hafez, KSA, Hail

Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering Department
Faculty of Engineering
Hail University
P.O. Box 2440 Hail, Saudi Arabia
Technology Area of Interest: Materials, material processing. Saudi Arabia
João Carlos Lazaro
Engenharia Biomédica - IP&D
Universidade do Vale do Paraiba - UNIVAP.

I am a teacher of electronics technology and I work at the University of Vale do Paraíba ( in Sao Jose dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil.


The design process, electronics,  printed circuit boards, PIC microcontrollers / PICAXE,  technology and cultures.  


São Paulo, Brazil.
Arturo Guzman-Carballido M.Sc.

Coordinator of Engineering
+0052-844-438-03-70 ext. 24321

Robot arms (industrial and didactic), mobile robots (UGV), neural network control, fuzzy logic control, ARDUINO, solidworks, mathematics (differential equations, calculus, linear algebra). Currently, I am the head of the Engineering Deparment at Universidad del Valle de Mexico Campus Saltillo.

Mexico, Saltillo
Name: Michael Richard Soloman Clarke, Nassau, in the Bahamas

Presently posted to The Government High School in Nassau the capital of the Bahamas
I am a Automotive Instructor on Sabbatical to become a Certified Teacher.  I have some 25-30 year of Automotive experience.  Some 20+ years as an active Certified Automotive Technician.  And 10 years Technician turn teacher.
I am a National Automotive Examiner for our National examinations.
Area of Interest: Automotive and Examinations Technology

David Newsham

Head of Technology

Markham College


Head of Technology at Markham College, Lima, Peru. Markham is a British School and is the first to offer a full programme of Design and Technology. Our Middle School programme focuses on Product Design and Resistant Materials and also teaches options  at Baccalaureate (IB). I have been involved in managing DT in an international environment since 1998 having previously worked in Jakarta, Indonesia. Other than subject and curriculum issues I am also able to advise on equipment and resources, teaching programmes, departmental issues, Assessment for Learning and staff development - all from an international perspective. Peru
George Galea


Specialisation in Mechanical Engineering, Graphical Communication and AutoCAD drawings. Also specialising in creating Design and Technology notes to facilitate pupils' learning. Malta

Ian Jean Yves Lacariatre

School: Le Bocage International School

3D printing and rapid prototyping, CAD design and software, CNC work, Upcycling and sustainable design. Actually, I has no website but I am working on to develop one for my portfolio and students works being developed in my school.

 Mr Nadeem

LALLOO, Mauritius

Head of the Design and Technology Department at St Joseph's College, Curepipe, Mauritius

TECHNOLOGY AREA OF INTEREST : The design process, design and technology/communication courseworks and folios, geometrical and mechanical drawing.

I've been teaching Design and Communication/Technology since 1995 to students aged 11 to 20 years old. Holder of a Bachelor Education Hons. with Design and Technology and an MSc in Educational Administration and Technology. . Facebook: Deemzila design and technology club

Name: Marc Gerald Solin

Country: Seychelles

Email address:

Technology area of interest: I am a technology teacher teaching at a secondary school in the Seychelles. I love to meddle with electronics and mechanics.
Ryan Thomas

I teach Electronics, Systems and Control, PIC programming, PCB design and manufacture, CAD/CAM and RMT. I also teach AS/A Level Product Design. Interested particularly in the development of CD-ROM and web based e-learning. Formerly an electronics/manufacturing engineer for Hitachi, Bosch and Universal Instruments. Wales
E.D. Mack, University Teacher

University of Glasgow

0141 330 3095

University Teacher at Glasgow University. I work mainly with undergraduate Design and Technology teachers. I have a Bachelor of Technological Education degree (Hons) and taught in Scottish schools for a decade. Specific interests are 3D Modelling, encouraging creative approaches to Design activity in schools and supporting undergraduate D&T teachers in developing their professional practice. UK
Mr Simon Goulden

Main areas of interest: I am a principal moderator and principal moderator for the 14-19 Engineering Diploma in the UK. I am head of Engineering and DT at Essa Academy in Bolton, where I am course leader for GCSE Product Design, RMT, Graphics, BTEC Engineering and BTEC Graphics. I am also a senior examiner for AS and A Level Product Design (graphics). My other areas of interest are CAD/CAM and Electronics.

Mervyn Laxon. BEng.

Brislington Enterprise College, Bristol,


Technology Area of Interest - KS3,4,5 Design Technology. Resistant Materials, Systems and Control, CADCAM, Graphics. Engineering and Manufacturing.

Implementation of Diplomas in Engineering/Electronic Engineering.

David M. Bishop

Director of Technologies, Farnborough School, Technology College, Nottingham.

32 years of experience as a Technology specialist and 12 years in ICT. Leads a successful and competent team of specialist teachers who drive standards constantly forwards. UK
Phil Owen.

Head of Technology

Resistant Materials, CAD/CAM, ICT, Product Design and Graphics UK
Nino Colombo

Head of Design Technology
Newquay Tretherras School,
Newquay, UK
Designing and designers work, innovative use of CAM and using new technology in the classroom. Primary Liaison activities and areas linked with technology specialisms. UK
Mr S Reynolds

South Cambridgeshire, UK

Teacher of electronics and general technology at Melbourn Village College. Specialist areas are Electronics, Control and Computer Technology including programming.

Mr G. Baldwin

Shropshire, UK

The design process, engineering drawing and CAD systems (2D and 3D), manufacturing/mechanical systems and technology, VLE development, vocational work, workshop technology and practices. UK
Derek Swingler

Freelance Advisor for D and T in the private sector. Specialising in special schools with pupils with special needs (MLD, EBD, PMLC and ASD). 34 years of teaching experience and special interest in control and microelectronics UK
Roger Smith

St Peters High School, Essex

Teach RMT, GP, Textiles and Food Technology. Principle moderator for DT:RMT for AQA UK
Simon Baird


Subject: Environmental Design. Product Design (Resistant Materials. Main interest is in educating students about a range of green issues. I am interested in developing a range of environmental projects, linking schools with local councils etc.... UK
Stephen Etheridge

The design process (encompassing the TRIZ methodology), control engineering, electronics, computer control, renewable energy, structures and structural energy. Former design and manufacturing engineer for British Aerospace and Airbus. UK

Specialist in Art / Textiles and aspects of Design and Technology in Secondary Schools - Key Stage 3 and 4. AQA Examiner for Resistant Materials at GCSE. UK
Ian Furey-King B.Ed.

Downend Technology School


I am a Key Stage 3 Coordinator, specialising in Resistant Materials, Product Design, Graphics and Electronics. I am a registered Health and Safety D&T Consultant and am presently seconded to St Gloucestershire local Authority. UK
Neil Hodgson

Curriculum Manager / Head of Department of Design and Technology, Our Lady and St John Catholic Arts College, Blackburn, Lancashire, England. Specialising in  Electronic Products and Food Technology. UK
Mike Kennedy

The Design Process, Mechanical and Production Engineering, Materials (have taught to degree level) CAD Prodesktop®, Autocad, Solid edge, Manufacturing processes, CIM, Operations Management. UK
Berenice Greenow

IS Trainer. In-house application trainer for a corporate law firm. Main area of interest is e-learning UK
Engr. Johnson Adoyi


Product Design, Resistant Materials, Graphic Products, Electrical and Electronic Products and Systems, Automechanics and Engineering.

GCSE Moderator and examiner for Oxford Cambridge RSA Examination (OCR)

South West Area of Northamptonshire Networked Learning Community (SWAN-NLC) team for Applied Engineering

Design and Technology Association (DATA)

Supervised work on the internet: (under construction)


Mr T C Weston


Head of Design and Technology, Oakham School. Product and Industrial Design, the Design Cycle, Product Development, Innovation and Creativity, Resistant Materials, Graphic Products, Systems and Control, Jewellery, Design and Technology Faculty Management. Chairman of Judges School Starpack Awards. GCSE, AS, A2 and IB courses.

As a Department we can also advise and assit with pro/DESKTOP® V8.0, Cam using CNC lathes, Routers and Rapid Prototyping.

The Design and Technology Department annually holds a two day workshop for Design and Technology teachers to promote innovation and creativity, whilst sharing good practice.

Name: Scott N Bright
Country: United Kingdom
State: Yorkshire & Humberside
Sheffield Hallam University - BSc (Hons) Design and Technology with Education & QTS (Graduate 2013)
Area: Secondary Education
Technology Area of Interest:
Whole School/Department policy
Resistant Materials
Systems and Control / Electronics
Product Design
Food Tech
Textiles Tech
Smart materials
some Engineering




DT teacher with online websites for Graphic Products, Resistant Materials and Electronic Products. Good working knowledge of CAD and some systems. UK
Andrew Moore

Design Process including hand work and CAD (2D and 3D), ergonomics, manufacturing processes (hand and CAM), plastic materials, wood, Graphic Design, Resistant Materials. Setting up distance learning for students and teachers in the form of web and disc based materials. Photoshop, Pro/desktop, Paint Shop Pro and 2D Design. UK
Robert Paterson

I have been a technical teacher for 14 years in Scotland.

Advice with regard to,  using the free version of Google SketchUp with pupils aged 11 to 16. My pupils have been extremely enthusiastic about using it and many have downloaded it for use at home.

Examples of their work can be found on the 3-D Warehouse under the tag MrP.

I would be particularly keen to hear from any other teachers who are using it in Scotland, especially if they have had any feedback from the Scottish Qualifications Authority."

John McColl



Subjects taught - Graphic Communication, Technology Studies and Craft and Design. Marker for Scottish Qualifications Authority and an Advisor for Graphic Communication at Credit Level (Website under construction at present). Main interests is in promoting Technological subjects in school and industry and I was an Engineer before becoming a teacher. I work in a great school of around 1150 pupils and am currently studying to be a Chartered Teacher. UK


Tim Evans

Currently teaching Key Stage 3 Resistant Material, Graphics and Electronics. Also teaching GCSE Product Design and AS/A2 Product Design. I have a personal interest in Design. I am an active NASUWT Health and Safety Representative, interested in the health and welfare of colleagues. Currently teaching in Bristol, UK. UK
Robert Bridges

Northbrook College Sussex


Technology area of interest— Lecturer for 10 years in Motor vehicle engineering and technologies ranging from pre-entry level to HND

Heavily involved in the integration of IT technologies to aid teaching, ie VLE, smartboards, prezi, blackboard etc

Richard Dolinski

Design Technology Specialist Teacher, working with autistic students with a comorbid diagnosis for example, ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, OCD obsessive compulsory disorder and developmental dyspraxia. UK

Mr William Reynolds
UK, Sheffield (current) Shropshire (future)

Sheffield Hallam University, BSc (Hons) Design and Technology with Education & QTS (Graduate 2013)

Areas of Interest: Circular Economy, Design for Disassembly (DfD), CAD/CAM, Electronic Product, Robotics, PIC, Circuit Wizard, Genie, Ardunio, Cams, Gears, Food Technology, PCB,  Systems and Control, Graphics



Scott N Bright, BSc (Hons)

Teacher of Design & Technology (Product Design & Engineering)


Area: Secondary Education (11 - 18)

Technology Areas:

Whole School / Department Policy, Education Theory / Research / Pedagogy, Product Design, Resistant Materials, Engineering - GCSE & BTEC, Systems & Control / Electronics / Programming' CAD/CAM, Graphic Design, Food Technology, Textiles Technology, Smart Materials, Sustainability, Biomimicry.


Jordan Curran
Teacher of Design and Technology
King Henry VIII High School


Specialism - Woodwork and qualified carpenter with 10 years experience working with wood and carrying out projects from basic joinery to large construction projects such as timber frame houses, oak framing etc.

I am also a promoter of STEM and run a lot of STEM projects within my school.
UK (Wales)

Mr D. Ferguson, England, Norfolk


I have written and implemented relevant schemes of work and developed curriculum resources for all areas of DT, also teaching and learning plans, and assessment. I have taught GCSE and A level Graphic Products, Systems & Control, Electronic products and Resistant materials from OCR, AQA and Edexcel boards. I have over 10 years teaching experience working in positions from specialist teacher, lead deliverer/ teacher and Head of Department.  I have worked on a school building development for 500,000 thousand pound plus for a new build and to refit and refurbish the department’s rooms. In addition, I have worked in industry as a graphic designer, projects supervisor and interior architect. UK



Andi Jones

Teacher of Design & Technology for 14 years in numerous high schools in the north of England where I was also Head of Faculty. I have recently (August 2014) took up post as Head of Design & Technology at Al Khor International School, Qatar.  Al Khor International school is a large school of some 4000+ students across our kindergarten, primary school, high school and sixth form.  The school follows the British Curriculum and the CBSE (Indian) curriculum.

I am head of Design and Technology for KS3, KS4 and KS5 and we offer all subjects at key stage 3 and Product Design and Engineering at KS4 and Product Design at KS5.  Until I moved in August I also moderated for AQA A Level Product Design, Prod 2 and Prod 4.

My particular areas of interest are Resistant Materials, Engineering, STEM, CAD/CAM and using data to raise attainment.

Wayne Bowring – B.A., Dip.App.Sc.(ArchTech)., MCP., MCS., MEd(E-learning)

Teaching Experience:
International teaching and Head of Computer Science, IT and Design Technology Departments in Australia, Japan, Myanmar & Thailand. Written curriculum & developed programs for IGCSE, MYP, IB & AP.


Executive Director of B.I.G., FrEDoz Software, Apollo Investment & Manufacturing

Technology Specialties / interests:
Areas of instruction include, but are not limited to: Structures, Robotics, Manufacturing Processes, Invention/Innovation Systems, (CAD), graphics, programming, materials, energy, Pneumatics, Electronics, Mechanisms and Structures. 2D and 3D Design & Animation, Multimedia and Jewelry


Niekie Blom

Design and Technology Education Lecturer

University of Pretoria

The design process, idea generation, idea modelling, problem decomposition, structures, materials processing, electronic systems and control, mechanical systems and control.

N.F. Alberts

I am a qualified teacher, now retired, with 50 years of experience in education/training/development in all aspects of the field of Electronics. Main focus lies in Power Electronics, a.c. and d.c. Motor speed control on mine winders aka mine hoists.

I run my own training services for Companies with learners, apprentices or artisans requiring more knowledge in specific areas.

I focus on taking the theory surrounding electronic components into practical fault finding and repair of circuits utilising discrete components.

Mr David.C . Toka
The design process, Sheetmetal work,Welding Technology, Leather, vocational work, technology , basic CNC work. Lathe work,  I do not have a website yet.
Lusaka, Zambia,Southern Africa
Luis Gonzalez


The Design Process, materials and equipment, structures, mechanical systems, electricity, electronics, automatic systems, computer control, robotics, history of technology, technology and the environment. SPAIN
Antonio Pérez López

CURRENT SCHOOL: I.E.S. Sierra Almijara


The design process, gear systems, electronics, cams, printed circuit boards, PIC microcontrollers / computer control, key words/phrases, structures, vocational work, technology and cultures, basic CNC work, robolab, etc.

Granada, Spain
Mr D. Jorge Arevalo

Triana (Sevilla-Spain) Highschool technology teacher

The design process, gear systems, electronics, cams, printed circuit boards, PIC microcontrollers / computer control, key words/phrases, structures, vocational work, technology and cultures, CNC work.

Encarna Garcia-Vilchez
Technology Teacher.

e-mail address:
Professional background: Geology (Ph.D.), Electronics Engineering (B.Eng.).
Areas of interests: electronics, electrical, mechanics, robotics, structures, computers, PIC microcontrollers, simulation software.
School: Ins Rovira-Forns (Santa Perpetua de Mogoda)
Personal web-site:
S. Ramesh

Mechanical problems and fixtures, electronics and electrical subjects, PCB and screen printing techniques. India
Bruce Lewis

OnGuard®Safety Training 

PO Box 417

Palm Beach QLD 4221

mobile:  0415 664 838

office:    07 55 22 6581



Diploma of Teaching in Industrial Arts

Bachelor of Education in Industrial Arts

Graduate Certificate in Design & Technology

Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training

Certificate II in Information Technology

I am the author/owner of OnGuard®Safety Training. It is a major safety training resource provider to the education sector in Australia. Our main product is 'OnGuard® ACEPro - a student directed, computer-based workshop safety training programme presented using multimedia technologies It tests and tracks student training sessions.

In 2006 we were awarded with the National Safety Training Award for Excellence in Australia

Mick O'Sullivan, Australia, Mudgee NSW
Technology Educator in a regional area of NSW, I am a qualified Cabinet Maker. My teaching areas are Industrial Technology Timber, Construction, Furniture making, Design & Technology, Graphics Technology, ProEngineer, Sketchup, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Captivate. I am interested in eLearning technologies and administer and train staff in the use of moodle and other Information Technologies.
I am at the moment trying to establish my teaching blog which is listed below in my signature and my online profile (Twitter). I am aiming to professionally engage and collaborate with others internationally with the intention of further developing my teaching skills and developing cutting edge resources.
Thomas Alan Waller PSM


My area of interest is that of primary technology and I have been developing programs that will assist teachers to introduce construction and systems technology in a way that is cost effective and time saving. Through the use of PowerPoint presentations, set materials and basic tools common in the primary classroom students can explore the principles of engineering without the use of glue or masking tape. Australia
Phillip K Le Lievre

Computer technology, focusing on Media Technologies and delivery of school curriculum via the internet. Australia
Michael Hilkemeijer

Technology Area of Interest: ICT and Education Australia
John Starreveld

Designing and the design process, techniques and processes with resistant materials, presentation techniques, technology and the environment - alternative power sources - recycling and re-use Australia
Nicholas Bryant

Technology Educator


Electrical fitter/mechanic by trade with a degree in Technology education. As a Technology Educator I am a firm believer in providing students with the opportunity to take risks and to construct their own knowledge and understanding of technology holistically. Through the concept of TECHNACY which is the heart and brain of TECHNOLOGY.

Specialised Field: Appropriate Technologies, Ekistics, Human Settlements, Built Environment, Design, Innovation, Engineering (Structural Design), Graphics, Technacy, Electricity, Ecological Sustainable Development, Renewable Energy, Systems Thinking, Industrial Technology, Vectorworks (CAD Program), Telecommunications, and Architecture.

Jason Zagami

School of Education and Professional Studies, Griffith University PMB 50, Gold CoastMail Centre QLD 9726 Austrailia.

Phone:61 7 5552 8454

Fax: 61 7 5552 8599

Jason Zagami BSc GradDipEd MEd QSITE MACE MACEL ACCE Associate CSTA. Lecturer.

Queensland Educator of the Year for 2005

Outstanding National Achievement by a Teacher 2006

Glen Andrew Lewin

Originally a fitter and turner (fitter & machinist) and have worked in heavy manufacturing and defence industries for the last twenty years. I also have a Bachelor of Vocational Education and Training and have previously taught TAS in secondary education and fitting and machining for TAFE NSW. My prime interest in areas of design and technology is design and manufacture in mechanical engineering and manufacture of alternative energy sources, i.e wind, solar & wave electricity generation. AUSTRALIA
Benson Wallace
Locations: Queensland, Australia and Shanghai, China
Schools: Central Queensland Institute of Technical and Further
Education; Shanghai Second Polytechnic University
Qualification: Bachelor of Mechanical and Space Engineering,
University of Queensland, Australia
Subject areas: Engineering Science, Maths for Technicians, Technical
Report Writing, Strengths of Materials, Dynamics, Engineering
Materials, Environmental Management, Project Management, Industrial
Automation, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Design Projects.

Mr Adam Cooper,

TECHNOLOGY AREA OF INTEREST  Systems technology, basic mechanics, physics, electronics and integrated systems Australia, Victoria
Maximilian Lunn

Hartsdown Technology College



As a Faculty we can offer advice and support with Resistant Materials, Graphic Products, Textiles, Electronics, Food and Systems and Control at GCSE. We can also offer support with AS/A2 Systems and Control and Product Design. We use ICT extensively at all Key Stages and have good experience with CAD/CAM using Roland and Denford Machines at all Levels. We also have a Scantek Lab which we use extensively. UK
Marty Martinengo

Interest in hard materials, Twenty seven years teaching Craft/Technology. My school, Birkdale Intermediate School is a lead school in problem based learning. I am a Senior Teacher in Auckland and I am often used as an Advisor. My background is boat building and cabinet making so my strength is with wood. I have run the BP Challenge events for 15 years.



Thilliar Varnakulasingham


Education Advisor on Technical Education to the Sri Lankan community in New Zealand


Drilling and completion chemicals in the oil industry; economics of petroleum refining; gasification technology; hydrogenation technology;  mining natural gas; piping design, analysis and fabrication; shale gas conversion basics;  fluid flow and line sizing; corrosion control in the oil and gas industry; desalination technology basics

Auckland, New Zealand
Brian Minnear

Applied design, fine metalcraft, jewellery techniques including: most fabrication processes, riveting, soldering, fusing, centrifugal and investment casting, sand and cuttlefish casting. Hot and cold glass work including leadlighting, etching, fusing, slumping and glass casting New Zealand


Name:     Chris Welch

Head of Mechanical Engineering Technology Years 9 -13
14 years Secondary School Teaching
25 years Engineering maintenance and Training and Development Management in the nuclear power industry (UK)


Developing, evaluating, validating, assessing programmes of work.
Recording and reporting student achievement.
Technical author
Moderating Industry Unit Standards
Design process 
Hard materials manufacturing and fabrication processes in a fully equipped workshop
Engineering drawing and CAD
Industrial safety
Level 1 Electronics

New Zealand

Region:   Manawatu

William Hughes

Head of Technology

St Augustine of Canterbury Catholic High School.


Electronics, ICT/ECT, CAD/CAM, Resistant Materials, and Graphics. UK

Nitin Raulji

tel. +91 265 2300942

The design, manufacture and assembly of printed Circuit Boards. India,


Paul Ruta

Electronics, PIC Microcontrollers, CAD/CAM, Keyatsge 3 and 4 schemes of work UK
Brian Cook

Dundee College

Teaches courses on structures, structural analysis and design in a Further education College.

Stephen Rich

Resistant Materials, Graphic Products, Systems and Control. Author of four GCSE Technology Books for Stanley Thornes - Pneumatics, Electronics, Mechanisms and Structures with Materials. Also written for Economatics and the Construction Industry Training Boards Construction Award Scheme. Uses CAD/CAM and Engineering. UK
Bevan MacQuibban

Electronics and Graphics New Zealand
Mr Raymond Beggs

Head of Whole School Technology and Design,

St Marks School Technology and Design,

Warren Point,

Co. Down,

Northern Ireland,





I am interested in developing teaching packages (Schemes, Lesson Objectives, teaching resources and pupil activities), using interactive white boards in all areas of technology and design (Design and Technology) Key Stage 3, 4 +16. i.e. 11 - 16 year olds and sharing those that I have already developed



Name: Wakil Sanni


Skype: w.sanni



Area of Interest: Plucom Technology have gained over 10 years’ experience Software Design, System Integration, System Repair, Power Solution, Cyber Security, Business Solutions and  Training.

Nigeria,  Lagos
Kolawole Oladejo

B.Eng (Mechanical), Dip (Computer), M.Sc. (Mechanical), M (AGMA), M(NSE). COREN Reg.


Lecturer at the Department of Engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

SCAD, Mechanical Design, Mechanical Machining, Gearing Mechanisms, Applied Mechanics

Teaching and Learning new things. Interested in building teaching packages (animation, computer packages, models etc....)

Name: Mike O. Agha

Country: Nigeria

City/county: Lagos
I am Mike O.Agha, a university-trained civil engineer. I am the sole "copyright owner" of the idea: "handicraft center of technology for public primary schools," as having been duly checked and patented in my name, "Mike O. Agha," by the Nigeria Copyright Commission (ncc), abuja, nigeria.
I am introducing technical education to the elementary schools.

Areas of technology: primary metalworks, primary woodworks, primary electrical technology, primary concrete works/ancillaries and primary computer education technology + C.A.D.
Ashley Fowler

Teacher of Technology from a 4 to 18 years age group at a leading Independent day school. Running a very successful Young Engineers club and awarded the IEE Teacher award 2000. CAD/CAM Electronics and the teaching of 'A' Level technology.


Nikki Brandy

Textiles, 'A' Level Product Design/Textiles, ICT, VGCSE Design, Art and Design. UK
Ian McEgan

Teaching of Technology via distance learning Australia
Richard Harris

Head of Design and Technology Department, Boston Grammar School - Systems and Control - CAD/CAM - 2D Design, Prodesktop, Boxford Routers. UK
Mr. Jay L Sturman

Designing process, Ergonomics, Mechanisms, Systems and Control, working in all material areas, design and market influences, role of the designer, CAD/CAM and Industrial Engineering Practice, Graphics and Product Design, ICT in DT UK
C McAleese

Aspects of Design and Technology.

Also - owns for short breaks and holidays.

Bill Collins

Electronics and microcontroller programming New Zealand
Michael Sheehan

Systems and Control UK
Mr. Pelegren T. Cardino Jr.
Electronics, PIC Microcontrollers, automotive, robotics, mechatronics, vocatinal and industrial works, automation. Philippines
Gerry Farrol

Design Process, kinematics, gear systems, electronics, cams, pcbs, PIC Microcontrollers, pneumatics, PLC, programming, motors Philippines

Elmer B. Talandron,

Email Address:


Membership being sought: Advisor Member

Technology area of interest: 15 years of experience as Technical Drawing Instructor of Davao del Norte State College.

Other technology subjects specialised and handled: Carpentry and Masonry, SMAW (shielded metal arc welding) Interior Designs, Decal works, textile printing, and Photography.

Philippines, Davao del Norte
Al Epifanio Cao

Bulacan State University (Bustos Campus)
I am a member of the faculty of Bulacan State University. I am Teaching and doing research and development into the areas Information Technology, Computer Electronics and Renewable Energy. Philippines
Dr K Kumar

Magnetic Components, tailor made sub assemblies, power resistors. India
Mr. Tho-Tan Bui   M.Eng

Design and custom machinery, process equipment. Research on plastic extrusion process and system. Canada
Barry Hanrahan

Mechanical, electronics, ergonomics Canada
Anna Coles

Technology Librarian. Specific areas:

Engineering, computing and IT, technology and marine.

John Adam

Industrial Design Australia
Dom Evans

Graphic Design, industrial design and design engineering UK
Martyn Crouch

Mechanisms and Resistant Materials UK
Tony Bell


Detailed website - UK
John Limrick

Electronics UK
Ken Larvin

Resistant Materials, Graphic Products, Product Design, CAD/CAM UK
Catherine Ball

Primary School Technology UK
Hedley Webb

Systems, mechanisms, pneumatics, electronics, control, PICs, prodesktop (CAD), graphics, materials, energy. UK

Ross Orchard

Technology Coordinator

SCIS - Hongqiao Campus

1161 Hongqiao Road, Shanghai, China

2D and 3D design. MYP and DP Design. Resistant materials. Food Technology. Design Cycle. Project based Learning. Design Thinking. Digital Design.




UK (currently living in China)
Mr. Mihai Agape


Technology Area of Interest:

Electronics, robotics, non-formal education.