The need for a pupil to bring graphics equipment to school fop DT lessons




Dear Parent/Guardian,
                                During the Options process your son chose Graphic Products GCSE from all the Technology subjects to study for the next two years. Graphic Products proved to be a very popular choice amongst Year 9 pupils, and I am please to inform you that your son has been allocated a place in one of the groups.

Graphic Products aims to introduce pupils to drawing and design skills through the design of everyday products, using graphic skills to represent their ideas. They experience a range of drawing techniques including isometric and perspective projection. Pupils also use a variety of colouring techniques as well as computer-aided design (C.A.D.) As such, there is a need for all pupils to have the necessary drawing equipment to be successful. Pupils without this basic drawing/writing equipment often fall behind in their work and distract other pupils.

Please could you ensure that your son purchases the necessary equipment as soon as possible. A checklist is included below.

Drawing Pencils


Compass set


Pencil sharpener




30cm ruler




Coloured pencils


Fine black felt pen




Felt pens


Writing pens




If you wish to discuss this matter with me further please do not hesitate to contact me at the school.

Yours sincerely,