Lateness to Lessons and General Disruptive Behaviour





Dear Parent/Guardian,

                              I am writing to inform you of your sonís poor attitude to work and poor behaviour in Design Technology lessons. Despite a considerable amount of individual attention, your son is still not adopting the right attitude to learning.

          He usually turns up late to lessons, disrupting the class by interrupting the talk/demonstration at the beginning of the lesson. Furthermore, he rarely has the correct range of drawing / writing equipment to adequately attempt the work. This includes a ruler, a range of coloured pencils and many other basic items.

He puts very little effort into any of the work often preferring to distract others around him. As his teacher I find that a great deal of my time is lost in dealing with ________ rather than helping his fellow pupils. As a consequence the progress of the class is suffering. At present __________ is Ďachievingí low grades when he should be making good progress towards a successful GCSE.

Staff in the Department will continue to monitor your sonís work and attitude. Also, staff will check that homework is entered in his homework diary and consequently you will be able to see what work has been set and when it is due in school.

          If you wish to discuss this matter with me further please do not hesitate to contact me at the school.

Yours sincerely,