September 2002 the UK Government introduced School Teacher Appraisal  scheme which ensured that all teachers, qualified and unqualified are to take part in Performance Management. Performance Management should now be operating in all schools in England and Wales. UK members of W.A.T.T should regard performance management as an important aspect of their work as it will inevitably support progression up the entire pay scale. The W.A.T.T. Research team have developed a checklist that members can use this to ensure that they have had access to performance management and that it has been carried out professionally by Senior Managers.

1. The Governing Body of the School should have a Performance Management Policy in place and adopted its criteria.

2. Workload should not have increased as a result of the introduction of Performance Management.

3. Teacher objectives should be set and agreed, having been recorded at a meeting (held within directed time).

4. There should be three objectives for every Performance Management cycle.

5. Voluntary activities should not be an aspect for Performance Management.

6. All objectives should be achievable and realistic

7. The agreed objectives should not lead to an increase in workload.

8. All aspects of Performance Management should be recorded in a written format.

9. Performance Management should be carried out in a professional manner and teaching staff should expect its importance to be reflected in the attitude and performance of line managers.

10. The lessons observed should be selected by the teacher, not the appraiser.

11. Written feedback should be given to teaching staff as soon as possible after each stage of the process.

12. All staff should be fully supported by the school in reaching objectives.

13. A complaints procedure should be in place and all staff should be aware of its existance.