One hopes that all OFSTED Inspections are carried out in a professional manner. However, occasionally a school, department or individual teacher may feel unhappy with the outcome. This can be regarding the written report or the quality of the subject inspector. Remember - a complaint must be made as soon as possible, during the Inspection or within three months of the Inspection.

OFSTED claim to take complaints seriously and consequently the new framework for inspecting schools (September 2003) outlines a complaints procedure.

1. The school should speak to the Registered Inspector to resolve the situation.

2. If the complaint cannot be resolved by the Registered Inspector - the school or individual concerned should obtain the address of the Contractor responsible for the Inspection. Each Contractor will have its own complaints quality system.

3. If the complaint still remains unresolved a further complaint should be made to:

The Complaints Manager,

Subjects and Quality Assurance Division,


Alexandra House

33 Kingsway,




4. If the complaint still remains unresolved by OFSTED - yet another complaint can be forwarded to the Independent Complaints Adjudicator.

5. If the complaint is not resolved at this stage WATT recommend seeking legal advice regarding litigation (if legal advice has not already been sought).

Guidance regarding complaints can be found on the OFSTED website or telephone OFSTED on 020 7421 6662 or 6680