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Arrangements for External Examinations and Exam Entry

Pupils in the Upper School are preparing for a range of examinations:

Year Eleven are following the Technology Systems and Control GCSE Course (AQA), Graphic Products (AQA) and Food (AQA).

Year Ten are preparing Technology Systems and Control GCSE Course (AQA), Graphic Products (AQA), Food (AQA) and GCSE (Double Award) Manufacturing (EDEXCEL).

Pupils will be entered for GCSE examinations if they reach the appropriate standard.

Capitation and Resources

The Capitation is determined by senior management and is based on the “formula” approach.

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Primary and Secondary School Liaison

The Technology Department has contributed significantly to primary school liaison. In the past the Department has allowed primary school children from the feeder schools to experience both practical and design work, of the type to be attempted in a secondary school. Often primary schools ask for their pupils to experience Information Technology related work, as they cannot always provide this themselves. The members of the Department are, coincidentally, Information Technology specialists and have on several occasions provided this service.

As part of the Technology College – staff deliver a range of ICT skills to primary Year Six Classes (currently on a Wednesday Evening).

The Department expects to continue to offer all the above services.

Arrangements for cover lessons within the Department

When it is apparent that a member of the Department is not in school a cover list appears on the staff notice board. The remaining member(s) of the Department should make note of the cover staff.

The Technology Department has a library of worksheets covering a variety of topics, relating to existing projects and skills. A worksheet for each class is selected by the remaining member(s) of the Department. Worksheets should be carefully selected so that they are as relevant as possible to the project being attempted by the pupils. On occasion it may be more meaningful if pupils continue their existing projects. Under NO circumstances should cover staff attempt practical work.

Arrangement for Cover Lessons
All D.T. worksheets are to be found in the filing cabinet in the CDT office. If appropriate, classes can be taken by the covering member of staff to their teaching room.

Extra Curricular Activities

During the school year a number of extra lessons/clubs are on offer to pupils. These vary depending on the time of year. For instance, year eleven pupils are the priority in the term prior to final project/portfolio assessment. Consequently, clubs/extra lessons are centred on these pupils. At other times during the year, year ten pupils are encouraged to attend.

In the past extra lessons have been provided for Year Eleven pupils (Systems and Control) to enable them to cover all the required Information Technology skills and course work. Parents are contacted prior to commencement of the sequence of lessons as they are at the end of the school day.

The Technology block is open for the upper school most evenings and pupils are encouraged to attend on at least one evening to ensure that all practical work is completed. The block is open every morning and most dinner times for any pupil who need to use the computer system for any subject related course work. The Food room is also open each dinnertime.

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