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1. Packaging for Promoting Products - Rich Picture

2. How Packaging is used to Promote Products

3. QR Codes (Quick Response Codes)

4. The Functions of Packaging

5. Materials for Packaging - Paper and Card

6. More Materials for Packaging

7. Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) and Packaging

8. Quality Card and Packaging

9. Adding a Clear Polypropylene Window to a Package

10. Packaging Materials - Quality Card and High Impact Polystyrene (HIPs)

11. Packaging - Perfumed Products - Blister Packaging

12. Laminated Card

13. Symbols - Packaging- 1

14. Symbols - Packaging - 2


Writing Style Development for Packaging Promoting Products

15. Teenage Perfumed Product (Packaging) - Based on a Sporting Theme - 1

16. Teenage Perfumed Product (Packaging) - Based on a Sporting Theme - 2

17. Creating a Style Of Writing that Suggests Movement / Energy - for a Perfumed Product

18. Developing a Style of Writing  for a Perfumed Product


Packaging Design -  Promoting Products

19. Sample Deodorant Set for a Teenager - Package Design

12. Sample Development / Nets

20. Cuboid Packaging - Development / Net

21. Smart Materials Suitable for Packaging

22. Packaging Design - The Promotion of Products - Examination Question 

23. Mobile Phone Packaging Design

24. Manufacturing Nets / Developments by Hand

25. Manufacturing Nets / Packaging in Industry - Small Scale Production

26. Brand Identity - an Introduction

27. Characteristics of a Brand

28. Brand Identity - Symbols and Logos

29. General Examination Questions  -  Part 2 Questions