V. Ryan 2011
1. Name a typical method of advertising.
TV advertising. This type of advertising is often in the form of commercials and product placement in programmes.
2. Name a product that has been sold successfully, as a result of the type of advertising you named above.
The Mini Cooper
3. Describe how this type of advertising encouraged consumers to buy your named product. You can include other products that have been advertised through your chosen method.
Advertising on TV inevitably improves the chances of a product becoming a commercial success. A good example of this is the Mini Cooper. The Mini Cooper is a famous brand of car, seen in many films. It was famously seen in the 1960s film called ‘The Italian Job’. This is an example of product placement. The film was extremely successful and is still popular today, continuing to advertise the Mini Cooper.

The new Mini Cooper has been advertised through TV commercials, improving sales. The advertisements helped make the general public aware that the new version was available. The way the car was filmed made it look exciting, modern and fashionable. Many of its modern features were on display.

Another product that has been advertised on TV is the Apple iPhone. When advertised on TV for the first time, its unique design was emphasised. Many of its features and functions were shown. This stressed to potential customers, how technically advanced the original iPhone was, compared to its closest rivals.
4. What is the purpose of advertising? (What is advertising?)
When a product is manufactured, its existence needs to be made known to the general public. This is achieved through advertising. Advertising, whether on the TV, Radio, in magazines or on the Internet, draws the attention of potential consumers to a product. It is a way persuading potential customers to buy the product.

Advertising informs potential customers of the products functions and features. Good advertising creates a demand for a product. It may even create a brand identity for a single product or series of products.

Advertising often aims to create an image surrounding a product, so that customers feel that they need it as personal property.