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Products that have a British Standards Institute (BSI) Kite Mark stamped on them, have been checked for safety and quality of manufacture, by the BSI. The Institute carries out strict tests, that have been designed to ensure that the product is safe and has been manufactured to a high standard. The BSI Kite Mark is respected throughout the world. If a product being tested meet British Standards, the manufacturer is issued with a licence, allowing the use of the Kite Mark.

The European Community sets minimum standards of safety and manufacturing quality, that apply across all member countries of the EEC. Manufacturers working to this ‘lowest’ limit, can display the CE symbol on their products. Minimum standards have been established, that apply to a vast range of products, ranging from toys to motor vehicle components. Manufacturers must ensure, that their products at least meet these minimum standards or risk having them removed from the shelves of retailers throughout Europe. The symbol is called the Conformite European symbol.

This recycling symbol suggests that the packaging / product it is applied to, can be recycled. This often seen on paper, card and many ‘plastic’ products.

The Ecolable is a scheme managed by the European Union. It was established in 1992 and aims to promote products and services that are environmentally friendly. Companies and businesses that use this symbol / label have shown consistently, that they sell products and services, that conserve the environment. For instance, a company that has reduced its carbon footprint can apply to use the ecolabel. A company that uses recycled materials in the manufacturing of its products or encourages recycling, can also apply to use the symbol.

In the past many products were tested on animals to ensure that they were safe for use by humans. Today this type of testing is regarded as being inhumane to animals, as it inflicts unnecessary pain and suffering. Products carrying this type of symbol have not been tested on animals. However, it does not necessarily mean that the ingredients that make up the product have not been tested individually on animals.

Type 5 - PP Polypropylene Refrigerated containers. Used in the manufacture of plastic bags, bottle tops, some carpets, some food wrappers and packaging.

Card packaging with this symbol means that the materials used to make the packaging have been harvested from sustainable forests. This means that the forest is managed in such a way that the trees are replanted so that trees that are cut down are replaced.

FSC The forest Stewardship Council promotes the responsible management of forests - sustainable forestry. The FSC has defined high standards of forest conservation and management. Any packaging with the FSC logo has been manufactured with conservation and the environment in mind.
The logo guarantees that paper and card has been purchased from responsible forest operations (sustainable forestry). This basically means that for every tree cut down for the production of paper at least one is planted to replace it.