V. Ryan 2009
Presenting an idea or design to a client is an essential aspect of Product Design. Presentations are important for the following reasons:
1. If you have spent time designing a product a good presentation will allow the client to see your product at its best. A bad or poor presentation will probably deter the potential client from buying the product and they may go to another designer or design team.

2. Being a Product Designer is a responsible and professional job. Every aspect of your work should be aimed at the highest possible standards. This includes the presentation.

3. The presentation should be regarded as one of the most important aspects of the design process.

4. A good presentation will promote the product and ensure that potential clients are confident that your product is the right one for them.

5. Often there will be more than one Product Design company after the same contract. If your design team is trying to secure a deal with potential clients it is essential that you produce the best presentation. Otherwise the contract will be signed with a competitor.

6. A presentation produced on software such as PowerPoint can be emailed to potential clients thousands of miles away. This means that someone in a different country will determine whether you get the contract based on the presentation alone. The presentation must to the highest possible standard.

7. The consequences of losing a contract due to a poor presentation is that all the time put into the development and manufacture of a product will be lost. Often a company will survive from one contract to another. If a company fails to win a contract it could fail as a business.

8. A good presentation will give a good impression of you and your business to a potential client. Even if you do not win the contract you should still aim to impress the potential client as he/she may offer you business in the future. Your reputation will grow.

9. Preparing and fronting a presentation may be the only time you work with other people as a real team. Members of a design team often have separate jobs during the development of a product. However, delivering a good presentation often requires good team work.
1. Do not simply stand up and talk about your product.

2. Discuss the product with a potential client using a manufactured model or computer model. The model may be complex so that it can be disassembled and discussed in detail.

3. Have a handout/leaflet ready so that the potential client has some paper work including pictures/photographs to take away and to consider. You could prepared a CD/DVD for the client.

4. Spend time on a PowerPoint presentation. This can be used as part of the presentation and the potential client can take away a copy to view at his/her leisure. It can also be emailed to clients / potential clients.

5. Try to face your client when talking about the product although expect the client to be looking most of the time at the product. If he/she is not looking at the product then it may not be impressing the client.

6. If it is possible, demonstrate the product and get the potential client involved.

7. Always treat your potential clients as intelligent and objective business people. Do not be afraid to use technical language but be ready to explain difficult concepts. Expect questions. It is usually a good sign if potential clients ask plenty of searching questions.

8. Plan your presentation carefully. Spend time on the presentation and try it out on colleagues before facing a real client.
Why is it important to prepare a presentation, which may include a PowerPoint, when discussing a product with a potential client/customer? List five good reasons.