(For non UK technology teachers - OFSTED is the official government body set up in the 1990s to inspect schools and the quality of teaching.)


There is very little doubt that preparing for and going through an OFSTED Inspection is one of the most stressful times faced by teachers. Under the new Inspection System (September 2005), Inspections take place every three years.

Despite the importance of an OFSTED Inspection very little free advice is available for departments. The first part of this section of the WATT website gives sound advice regarding preparing for the inspection. The second part refers to coping with the inspection week.


Part One - Preparation for an OFSTED Inspection


Part Two - Coping with the Inspection Week


Part Three - How OFSTED Collect Evidence about a Department (during the Inspection Week)


Part Four - How to Complain about an OFSTED Inspector/Inspection


Part Five - The Department Evaluation Sheet


Part Six - The Role of Middle Managers and Performance Management


Performance Management Check List